Who is Andrew?

Happily creating web pages since 1996. From flashing text, pop up windows, and flash files to CSS3, HTML5, PHP (including frameworks) and jQuery plugins Andrew Alba has pretty much touched it all. It started with basic front-end development and he gradually migrated to various dynamic languages [Perl, PHP, ColdFusion, Java] to help keep pace with the growing list of web applications. Currently Andrew's focus is mainly on back-end development with PHP, Node and the growing list of AWS tools. Andrew has had hundreds of various ideas for "the next great" website, but the only one that has been hugely successful is a site that started out as an internal office joke. Yes, Andrew is the proud creator of SadTrombone.com, which has hopefully given the millions that have visited the site great joy.


What kind of stuff does Andrew do?

Here is a short list (some stuf is for fun, other stuff he gets paid for)!

  • App Development

  • Photography

  • Traveling

  • Concerts


Anything else?

Andrew enjoys sharing his knowledge through occasional posts on his blog, social media and public repositories. Feel free to stalk him :)